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Egita, Founder of Penguin Stories

I have always been a fan of writing and planning, during the school all the notebooks and even the choral sheets were full of notes and drawings without leaving almost any free space. This habit never disappeared. If I don't write down my to-dos and other plans that are important to me, chaos begins, and it seems that something has been forgotten constantly.

Yes, there are wide range of digital tools widely available. And personal planners also. I use them too, but I've always wanted to see the picture wider seeing both weekly plans and the month as a whole.


When my daughter was born, who we called little penguin when in the belly already, the number of things to remember increased.


Refrigerator doors, kitchen table and other furniture have also grown with leaflets and printed calendar pages. Although this method did its job - made me remember things and plans, it didn't agree to my taste. Chaoss again.


How do moms and dads who have multiple children deal with this at all? Well, how it is possible to remember all the appointments to doctors, not forget about hairdresser and manicure visits, sports activities, after school activities…


Looking for a practical but at the same time visually enjoyable solution to this problem, I came up with the idea of ​​a large-scale wall planner to record daily events to all family members. It was important to me that the planner was not only practical but also tasteful and fit into the interior of my home. That's why I chose organic glass alco known as acrylic glass as material. It is pure and sleek and many times more durable than ordinary glass, making it safe for families with children.







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